I Was Made For You (by AcultKings)

"Don’t you worry there my honey
We might not have any money
But we’ve got our love to pay the bills"

— Ingrid Michaelson

I don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don’t tell anyone about the things that we have planned
I won’t tell anybody

We Are Young - Glee Cast


Get It RIght (Acoustic)

So I was home alone all day and bored, so I made an acoustic version to Get It Right. I can pretty much do it with any Glee song so if you want one I’ll make it. It’ll give me something to do.

Glee Cast - Survivor / I Will Survive (Glee Cast Version) (by musicfromgleeVEVO)

"Paint my face in your magazines
Make it look whiter than it seems
Paint me over with your dreams
Shove away my ethnicity
Burn every notion that I may have a flame inside to fight
And say just what is on my mind
Without offending your might.”

Cuando los ángeles lloran (Maná) (by kuroudvii)

É o que acontece com quem defende humanos, a terra, animais e florestas da extinção!